Saturday, July 1, 2017

O Canada

Happy Dominion Day to all our friends in the Great White North! Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of photos that really scream "Canada!" the way these first three do.

But happily, a whole bunch of my favorite men are Canadians, like Ian Duncan here . . .

. . . and Mark Wolff . . .

. . . and Ralph Woods . . .

. . . and Tristan Paris . . .

. . . and Brent Everett . . .

. . . and Brandon Jones!

And who else am I forgetting who's Canadian, male, and hot? Happy Dominion Day to you all!


  1. fantastic set! true: Brent Everett
    is canadian!

    Happy sungay!

  2. Canada Day, not Dominion Day

    1. Oh, well, I'm always a little behind the times. They only just changed it in 1982! : )

  3. These Canadians are celebrating their Day showing off their beautiful personal tool of trade. Keep showing off boys.
    Keith, happy to announce I have retired from work. I will move into my new address in early August. Waiting for some restauration to be complete.