Monday, June 19, 2017

Anonymous Sex

I don't collect very many of these "headless horseman" photos because I really prefer to see the whole body, including the face. But once in a while, these anonymous kats are too hot to resist!


  1. Anon28.jpg - 13th from the top, 3rd from the bottom, guy with tattoos of conifers on his arm.
    That guy is Ashton Webber. There are lots of photos of him on-line (especially Tumblr), usually of his ass in jock (and it really is a nice ass to behold, if I say so myself).

    1. Is that Ashton Webber? I love him, but I've never noticed those tatts on him before. I guess I was too busy looking at his ass! : ) Thanks for the ID.

  2. love the torsos! and the dicks too!!!