Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Beat (Beat, Beat) Goes On

It never stops--least of all during National Masturbation Month!


  1. penultimate: Adam Killian

    enjoy my last post:

  2. The Next Door guy is someone I know and is living in Montreal as a matter of fact, not far from my place. His name is Sammy and is a waiter in a gay bar in the Gay Village.

    The other one, the Hard Britlads one is also living in Montreal and I see him often also.
    He began as a flight attendant, than as a waiter in a gay bar and for many years now is doing porn stuff.

    So many are from here and some I personally know or see around.

  3. I didn't know about the Next Door guy being from Montreal. I did know about the "Hard Brit Lad." When I first saw pictures of him about six years ago, he was using the name Dominique Juneau. Shortly after that he started doing porn and using the name Brandon Jones. Does he still live in Montreal? Good for him--and lucky for you! I'd consider myself lucky, anyway, if I saw him in person all the time. As readers of this blog can probably tell, I obsess on Brandon Jones! I find his body completely sexy, and I think his ass is ***perfection***!

    1. Yes, "Brandon Jones" real name Dominique Juneau is still living here in Montreal in the Gay Village.
      I see him once in a while but I can say that he's not really my cup of tea. A bit to much «sissy» feminine for me.
      And also a bot snobish too.

      For the Next Door man, Sammy, he is such a nice man and as a waiter in the gay stripper club Campus, he always knows what drink I will order and is easy to speak to.

      He his my favorite.

      But there are many other «porn stars» that are here like Pierre Fitch (living in my own neighborhood, Trystant Bull that was a nude dancer at the Campus too who I paid few private dances and touched his dick too..

      There are also, Mattice Le Rock, Max Chevalier (who is such a nice man to talk to. Met him too.) Yannick and Dominic Montminy who did their debut at the Campus gay nude stripper bar in the Gay Village.

      Living in Montreal is such HAWT to see all those cuties..