Sunday, May 28, 2017

Keith's Art Gallery: Eddie Chin

See much more by this master of simple but striking graphics at Deviant Art. The one above, which is my own favorite, is called, appropriately enough, The Window Cleaner.

Asian Cowboy In the Wild Wild West

Anal Del Rey

Banana Split

This Boy Is a Bottom

Smooth Body Provocateur

Strip Tease

Bulge Seduction

Glory Holes In Cubicle

La Vache Jouer Solo

Poster for Le Cirque d'Etoiles

True Butt

Inspired By a Glourious Basterd

Something Special Thong

Wrestlers II


  1. I really like her bright work

  2. Wow yeah great art post. Thanks.

  3. I especially like the illusion in The Window Cleaner that there's really a pane of glass there--with the light streaks and the way the left foot seems to be pressed up against glass.