Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Arts: Rusty McPhee

3-D art by the masterful Rusty McPhee. He makes it look easy, even though it's always hard! : ) See more of his work at The one above is called Cameras (2009).

In the Bara Club: A New Purchase (2008)

The House On Horny Hill (Teaser) (2012)

The House On Horny Hill (2012)

Cruisin' the Underground (2013)

Feeding Time (2013)

Friday Night Sauna (2013)

Go-Go Boyz (2013)

Lick (2013)

Prey (2013)

Rough 'n' Tumble (2013)

Ranch House Rumble (2014)

This guy is my favorite McPhee character, though I don't know the name of this piece. I always think he'd be so nice to come home to! : )

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