Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sheer Delights


  1. Great set....really hot, theme and illustrations!
    Penultimate is just to dick both clothed and unclothed at the same time! ... to say nothing of the hot owner of said dick!
    Really like 7&8 as well. Like the color and style.of 7....and of course the practically completely visage ass crack and hole! 8 is so hot...something about the flesh tone of the garment that reveals the flesh below!

  2. dionisio heiderscheid is not so beautiful but he catches always my attention and he's very sexy!

    1. I have photos of Dio where his body is godlike in its perfection. Or do you mean it's his face that isn't so beautiful? That's a matter of taste--but I agree, he always catches my attention and he's very sexy!