Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday's Miscellany

More pics of guys of whom I only have a few pictures each. That's Ricardo Figueiredo, above and below.

Robert Danh, above and below.

Roberto Bolle, above.

Rocky Buttery, above and below.

Rodiney Santiago, above and below. (Keith ♡♡♡ Rodiney, and really needs to find some more pics of him!)

Rodrigo Braga, above, by Greg Vaughan.

Roger Monssores, above.

Ruben Baars, above.


  1. Beautiful set!
    The first three, Ricardo, are an incredible set of images of an amazing hot guy...and what a perfect ass!

  2. Re: Mr. Santiago,
    I have over 200 photos of him, both alone and with friends. Want some of them? Got a lot of them from his facebook page:

  3. Keith: An even better source of photos of Rodiney:

    1. Thanks for the links, Red Sierra. I'll look him up. And if you have any you feel motivated to send me, you can always e-mail them to

    2. Your welcome. Sent you a sample batch of photos. Hope you like them.