Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vintage April: Sexy In the '60s

A selection of sexy guys from the 1960s. These guys in their heyday were just a little bit before my time--I was alive in the '60s, but too young to know much about gayporn. But some of these guys were still being featured in gay mags when I first started looking at them in the early '70s. That's Bart Horne, above, and below with his bicycle.

All I know about the guy above is that his name is said to be "Bobby," and the photo looks to me like a '60s photo.

Bo Branden, above and below, was the first guy in gay magazines that I had a real crush on.

Chick Howard, above and below. If you can possibly take your eyes off Chick, check out the vintage stereo equipment!

Chris Hercules, above.

Danny Maffia on a pedestal, above and below.

Doug Courtney, above, and below, as the world's cutest cowboy!

George O'Mara, above and below, was one of Colt Studio's earliest stars, about 1970. But before Colt, George had already had a modeling career in the '60s, for photographer Kris.

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