Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beanie Baby

This is my man, Trey Rexx. When Trey gets into some four-man sex, below, he's the one wearing the same beanie as in the pic above. From the Joe Gage skin flick Men's Room 2: Gale Force (2005), these pics aren't exactly new, but they're not exactly "vintage," either. I think you'll agree, however, that it's high time I stopped keeping them to myself!

End of the Month

Or perhaps I should say "Ends of the month"! : ) Speaking of ends of months, this blog reached a new milestone today: 100,000 page hits in a month! I'd been flirting with that figure for most of 2012, hitting 90,000+ several times, and 99,836 in December, but always just missing the magic century mark for a single month. Until today. So this gives me an opportunity to thank all my readers, members, and commenters, everybody who stops by to see this blog, all 400,000 of you around the world. Because I never thank you often enough.